Friday, October 9, 2009

Absent again...

I seem to have had a mental block when it comes to my blogs in the last month.  I have thought about so many awesome ideas for blog posts.  I was excited about them.  More than once I sat up late into the night scribbling a blog idea onto an index card so it wouldn't float away before morning.  I've read some fantastic books!  I've been dying to share them with you all.  So why haven't I been writing?  

I suppose you could say I have a touch of the writer's block.  I also think I might be a bit paralyzed by the volume of things I want to say.  I sit down to write a post, and I can't decide where to begin.

I have this trouble sometimes when choosing a book.  I literally have dangerously teetering stacks of books on my night-stand--begging to be read.  But I stare with no direction.  Then, when I finally do take action--what a relief!  The past two books I have finished have been complete delights.  I adored them and could hardly put them down.  When I feel that way about a book-I know I need to share.  

I'm hoping the same feeling applies for blogging.  Perhaps once I get back into a rhythm, I'll be compelled to continue.  My blogging experience over the last 9 months or so has been immensely rewarding.  I've been in touch with some fantastic and amazing people.  The writing has just been in fits and starts.  Every time I get on a roll, I seem to get knocked off again.  

This last month has been great.  It has been very special, and although I haven't been writing on the blog, my reading and literary life has been active.  I'd like to think of that period as one of absorption.  I've been reading great books and writing reflections in my commonplace book.  I've been devouring favorite blogs--both new and old--and reaping great inspiration from them.  I've been making notes and writing pages in my notebooks.  Maybe I needed a time for filling up before I starting blogging again.  At least that's what I'm going with for now.

So, I'm back--for the time being anyway--and quite excited.  A deluge of backlogged posts may be coming your way!

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