Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Books That Keep Going

"A good book has no ending." -R.D. Cumming

Have you ever read a book that was so wonderful, you mourned its ending? A book whose characters are so captivating that you feel like your friends have moved away when you close it for the last time? I frequently feel this way about books I love, but this quotation made me think about it in a new way.

It made me think, are they really gone? Do those amazing characters completely disappear from your thoughts? I find that often the best books stay with me long after I've finished them. I mull over a favorite scene in my head when I'm taking a walk or waiting for my waffle to pop out of the toaster. Interactions with people I encounter in real life remind me of something a character might do or say. Important themes and lessons from a book sometimes pop into my head at opportune times.

Do good books ever stay with you? Do you think that's what Cumming meant? What books were you sad to finish?


Ann Marie said...

Oh yes, I've felt this way about many books. Most recently it was about, The Help. I actually missed the characters for several days after I finished it. If you haven't read, do. It is wonderful.

Heather said...

Whenever I read a book I love, I'm always hoping the author will write a sequel! I read THE HELP last fall, and think it would be interesting to see what happened to the rest of the main character's life!

Caitlin said...

I've never heard of The Help, but now I think I'll have to read it. Thanks for the recommendation, ladies!

I'm always excited to hear about sequels!

Jamie said...

I'm sad every Jane Austen book ends. So they don't. I just imagine life after the fact. With fights about Mr. Knightley's long walks instead of helping with housework and Emma's obsession with internet gossip sites.