Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Web Round-Up

After a hiatus of several weeks, I'm back with a quick round-up of reading and book related web news.

RIF says that kids who are surrounded by words read better. Great study.

A day in the life of a writer.

I've always meant to read The Once and Future King... now has a mobile store.

The top children's picture book on the bestseller's list this week was a Lego Starwars Dictionary. This kind of makes me sad.

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Katie said...

I LOVE The Once and Future King! Let me know when you read it because I need you to find a sentence for me. I had a favorite part and had it dog-eared but a terrible fate befell that copy and I can't find it in my new one. I should probably just read it again, but if you read it first, let me know and maybe you'll find it. ;)