Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review: Writing to Change the World

Today I wanted to share with you a powerful book by Mary Pipher, Writing to Change the World. If you are at all interested in writing for any kind of social change, you have to get your hands on this book. Pipher discusses all types of writing from novels to news articles to letters to the editor. She covers both writing technique and how to find what it is that you are passionate about.

And Pipher knows what she is talking about. She wrote a powerful book, Reviving Ophelia, that changed the current thinking on what life is like for modern adolescent girls. Through this book, Pipher undoubtedly directly and indirectly saved the lives of many troubled girls. In Writing to Change the World, she discusses her previous book and how it came to have such a powerful impact.

If you are interested in having an impact through your writing, whether through a blog, a newspaper, a book, or a letter to your local school board, I urge you to pick up this book. It changed the way I think about my writing, and has encouraged me to (slowly) make some necessary changes.

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