Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Four Agreements

For this week's Sunday feature of books about religion and spirituality, I want to share The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  I read this book both in high school and then again recently.  It is centered on four very basic statements.  On the surface, these statements, or agreements, are quite simple, but trying to live by even one of them has proven to be difficult.  The four agreements are:

Be impeccable with your word.
Don't take anything personally. 
Don't make assumptions.
Always do your best.  

I could never explain the full meaning and importance of the agreements like Ruiz does, so I'm not going to try to explain them.  This book is profound in its simplicity and its deep truth.  Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the agreements are so basic, it's hard to understand why we don't live by them already.  

I think I need to read it again already.  Each time I read it, I think I come a little bit closer to grasping the truths it speaks.  There is also a companion book that I have yet to read.  Hopefully, it will help some of the concepts from the first to cement for me as well.  I could definitely use more peace and wisdom in my life.  

I hope everyone had a relaxing and replenishing Sunday.  I spend a few hours in bed this afternoon reading upstairs while it was pouring rain outside.  I've just started a new novel.  More about that soon...


Jacqueline said...

I just finished reading Nicole Krauss: The History of Love and im looking for something new to read. :D Thank for sharing books with us and have a great merry happy week! Love to yoU!

leslie said...

I agree -I need to read these kinds of books again to really have the truths sink in! I pick this book up as i have heard much about it.