Monday, November 30, 2009

30 before 30 cont.

As it turns out, there are books on the topic!!  

Many of them are related to skills you should have before you turn thirty, but others are about things you should do.  Some are more of the "before you die" variety, but they are giving me good ideas!!  My list has 3 spots left, but I might change one of the existing items if I come across 4 fantastic things on my list.

Okay, so here's the book list:


And finally, I found this fun blog with an old post of 50 things everyone should know.  It has a lot of other fun posts with other lists of things to do and know.  I love lists.  I need to make more for myself.

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Han said...

I'm 23 maybe if I start now by the time I am thirty I might have done some of these things lol.