Sunday, November 22, 2009

Reflections and A Reader's Wishlist

Most recent read: Latino in America by Soledad O'Brien

I've been MIA from this blog for over a month.  I'm still trying to sort out why...

This fall has been a struggle for me in many ways.  Still being unemployed has been difficult, and I find myself lacking motivation.  Plus, I've moved, and am still hopelessly unorganized.  Now even more of my books are pack up in boxes on far away shelves and so I've been reading less, much to my own dismay.  This lack of reading, and lack of motivation in general has meant silence in my corner of the blogosphere.

I've found that starting up the momentum again is the hardest, so here I go.  Sometimes, I wish I could blog about things not entirely related to books and reading.  After all, reading is about life, so this blog should be about life as well.  It will still be focused on reading, words, books, and other literary endeavors, but I'm going to share more daily thoughts as well, in an effort to help the writer within me blossom.  

Despite this small shift, books are still on the forefront of my mind, so I am going to conclude today's discombobulated post with a wishlist:

The Finishing Touches by Hester Browne

My taste in books, as is the rest of my life, is highly eclectic and contradictory.


WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Yay! Welcome back! I miss your blogginess! :)

Jamie said...

I missed your bloggin' too!

I also want to read The Unlikely Disciple. I read an article in Relevant Magazine by Roose and it was fascinating!

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