Monday, July 6, 2009

Jerusalem Is Walking in This World

This is great happiness.
The air is silk.
There is milk in the looks
That come from strangers.
I could not be happier
If I were bread and you could eat me.
Joy is dangerous.
It fills me with secrets.
"Yes" hiss in my veins.
The pains I take to hide myself
Are sheer as glass.
Surely this will pass,
the wind like kisses,
The music in the soup,
The group of trees,
Laughing as I say their names.

It is all hosannah.
It is all prayer.
Jerusalem is walking in the world.
Jerusalem is walking in the world.  

Julia Cameron

I recently found Walking in This World, by Julia Cameron in the bargain bin at my local Borders.  Only $4!  I was thrilled!  It is basically a sequel to the wildly popular The Artist's Way.  I didn't even know there was a second book.  I knew the she had written others (including The Writing Diet, which I have and highly recommend.), but I didn't know about this specific title.  

I have heard countless people rave about The Artist's Way and I've owned it myself for several years.  After one unsuccessful attempt to work through the book about a year ago, I am trying again.  It is a 12-week "course" and I am almost finished with week 1.  So far, it has been an entirely positive experience.  It is all about uncovering your creativity as part of a spiritual path.  I have been feeling quite stuck lately, so I think the structure and inspiration of the book is just what I need right now.  It is getting me writing and reflecting every day, which seems to be very beneficial.

Also, I believe having "part two" is giving me some motivation to work through the original more diligently.  When I have finished that I will be at liberty to start my new find.  In the mean time, I have flipped through the pages a few times, and it looks delightful.  This poem was at the front, and I couldn't wait to share.  

Have any of you ever worked through The Artist's Way?  I would love to hear about your experiences.  Would anyone like to work through it with me now?  I'd love some company!


Melita said...

i haven't worked through the artist's way before but want to soon (aka after i pass the gmat - damn you gmat you are sucking up all of my fun time, sorry lol). i am looking forward to hearing about your journey.

mojoy said...

Wow ~ I was just thinking of this poem and couldn't remember where I had left the book (from three years ago) googled Julia Cameron Jerusalem and here you were also inspired by it this very day.

Caitlin said...

Melita: When do you take the GMAT? What a relief that will be to be finished with it! Good luck!!

Mojoy: That is fantastic! I'm so glad you stopped by! What did you think of the book?