Sunday, July 12, 2009

Watching in Detail

Unfiltered blog post #3.  Sadly, I missed yesterday, so it won't be five days in a row, but it will still be five days.

Because of my morning pages, this unfiltered blogging endeavor, and the resulting idea that I might write a book someday, my thoughts have been filled by writing as of late.  Today I went on my "artist's date" (one of The Artist's Way tools) to Borders just to browse (which is quite a feat for me).  I spent some time looking at the bargain shelves-I couldn't resist.  Then I went upstairs and I looked through the children's section.  I concentrated mainly on picture books, particularly looking for books I hadn't seen or read before.  Then I went over to the writing section to peek at those books.  I thumbed through a few that I may buy later, but for now I already have 2-3 books on writing more prolifically and improving your craft, so I resisted for the time being.  However, I did flip through a few and noticed a common theme.  It's something that echoed from what I had read in Pen on Fire and The Artist's Way.  One of the first things I need to do is pay attention.

That seems to be some pretty basic writing advice.  Pay attention to the little details of life and record them very carefully.  I can see how this is good advice for budding writers, but it is also a superb reminder for all of us, writers or not.  How many priceless details are lost in the course of a busy day.  Perhaps my next "artist's date" will be to people watch or even just sit outside (except for the excruciating heat).  

I am hoping that this burst of writing enthusiasm won't fizzle out too quickly.  I do tend to get excited about things, and then eventually let them fade into the background.  I don't usually give them up entirely.  I still have a guitar in my closet that comes out fairly regularly, Spanish books that I work through once every week or so, and watercolor paints packed up somewhere with my of my belongings.  Guitar's spark flashed again around January when I practiced carefully every day for a couple of months.  Spanish has come and gone for several years-some weeks I study every night and listen to CNN en Espanol on my satellite radio.  Others, I revert back to my beloved NPR.  Watercolors came last summer when I would paint many evenings, but never came to be satisfied with result. 

Perhaps I truly am a Renaissance Soul.  I like that idea better than having no follow through.  But maybe this new eye for detail with help me stay focused and maybe even bring clarity to all of these disparate interests and goals.  

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