Monday, August 17, 2009

Recent Book Purchases

In the past few weeks, I've combed the bargain shelves at Borders, a discount book warehouse at the local outlet mall, and then the ever-full shelves of my local Half-Priced Books.  I've come away from each with substantial stacks of books.  I thought I'd share some of my recent loot.  I'm currently mulling over my next reading choice, so if you have opinions, favorites, or guidance about any of the titles-do tell!

Here we have The Golden Apples, by Eudora Welty; Nice to Come Home To, by Rebecca Flowers; Knitting under the Influence, by Claire LaZebnik; and Her Blue Body/Everything We Know, by Alice Walker.  

I already read Knitting under the Influence-it was a fun light read.  The Alice Walker is really a book of poetry, so I won't read it from cover to cover-but I have enjoyed looking it over.  I think these are the Borders finds.  

These are from my Half-Priced Books trip:  A Deeper Faith, by Jeff Golliher; A Treasury of Great American Scandals, by Michael Farquhar; Portable Literature, by Kirszner and Mandell  Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, by Anne Fadiman; A Writer's Commonplace Book, by Rosemary Friedman; and City Dharma, by Arthur Jeon.  I also bought two For Dummies books, which I will be discussing at as a group in an upcoming post.  

(I was particularly excited to find Ex Libris and the Writer's Commonplace Book because they were so related to my blog!  I know that Virginia Woolf wrote a book called The Common Reader, but I've never read it.  Perhaps I should.  I will put it on my list.  The opening of Fadiman's book says that Woolf borrowed the phrase from Samuel Johnson.  I was not really aware of either when I chose the name for my blog, which started out as Commonplace, but then evolved to commonreaders.  I like it all one word and uncapitalized for some reason.  I'm not sure why.  But I digress. )

I am quite pleased with my book finds and look forward to diving into them.  What books have you purchased recently?  Or what books did you buy long ago and still wait to be read?

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