Monday, April 20, 2009

Chronicle Books

Generally, I don't pay much attention to publishers.  But about a year ago, I started to notice little pair of round glasses on the spine of many of my favorite books.  I have a set of organization books, The Home Organizing Workbook and The Personal Organizing Workbook, by Meryl Starr that I LOVE.   I think they were the first books I noticed with the glasses.  Then I noticed a few of my other favorites had them too: In Stitches by Amy Butler and Apartment Therapy Presents by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan.  

So finally, I made the connection that all these wonderful books were published by the same place: Chronicle Books.   Not long after this revelation, I noticed that two of my favorite series of children's books were from Chronicle as well: MiniMasters and the Finger Puppet books (this is not their technical name, but here is one of them.  They are both fantastic books for children and some of my young baby-sitting charge's favorites.  MiniMasters are beautiful little board books that use paintings of well, "masters", and pairs them with whimsical little poems.  Before she was two, E (the girl I baby-sit for) could correctly distinguish between Monet and Matisse.  It was a fun party trick for her parents!  

After looking around on their website, I found a variety of fabulous books that I want to add to my wishlist.  Secrets of Simplicity, 52 Ways to Make a Difference, and Ask Click and Clack: Questions from CarTalk.  They have such a wide range--it's amazing!  I love their tagline: "An independent publisher of distinctive books and gifts."  And it's true, they publish more than just books-decks, workbooks, puzzles, and many other interactive mediums.  

It feels weird to be such a fan of a publishing company (I'm officially their fan on Facebook, follower on Twitter, and a subscriber to their blog), but I'm finding more and more than I am partial to the little round glasses.  Not that I won't buy stacks and stacks of books from other publishers, but I'm definitely always on the look out for Chronicle Books.  

Does anyone else have some favorite books from Chronicle?  Did you notice the glasses?  Does anybody else pay attention to publishers or have a favorite?  


Amy said...

It's totally worth signing up for their blog feed! I won a free unicorn wishes kit - although I got him on Saturday and didn't win the Powerball...but still hoping he'll come through (or she - don't know how to tell on a plastic unicorn...)

Caitlin said...

Ooh! Good to know! Thanks Amy!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh Caitlin, you are brilliantly observant. Drat if most of my books are not currently in storage!

I will have to wait months to answer this question. I am so I have a favorite publisher? Do I, Do I? Huh, huh huh?

I know I have In Stitches so I am most likely a fan of Chronicle Books. I think. But I won't know for months, but I guess that's enough reason for me to check out their blog for now.

(Because you know. I need more new blogs to read right now. LOL!)

Jacqueline said...

I do have this book Secrets of Simplicity. :) Sometimes i pay attention to the publishers of the books that i buy and sometimes i don't. hehe Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Jess said...


Update: Little Pea is one of our all-star books. I got all caught up this morning learning about the illustrator and it was only on her site that I realized it was a Chronicle Book.

Good news? I'm a Chronicle Books fan.
Bad news? I'm still not checking the book itself.


Caitlin said...

Jess- Oh no! I can't stand to have my books out of reach! Actually, this just sparked an idea for a post that I want to do this evening. Thanks for the inspiration!!

I'm glad you found a few Chronicle books that you like anyway!! I don't know Little Pea. I'll have to check it out!

Yes, check out their blog! Although I'm definitely in blog overload right now! But it's great!

Jacqueline- Do you like Secrets of Simplicity? I've been contemplating a purchase...

Lili said...

I am a fan of Chronicle Books too! :) Handmade Hellos by the ladies from Hello Lucky and Top Chef: The Cookbook is on my bookshelf.