Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Living Without My Books

Thanks to Jess' reply regarding my previous post, I was forced to face an issue that will rapidly be before me.  Packing.  I graduate and move back to Texas in three weeks  (eeek!) and so that means the apartment needs to start going into boxes.  Some things like dishes, toiletries, and school supplies can't go in yet.  So what to start with?  Out of season clothes, games, and oh yeah-my shelves and shelves of books.  

And there's the rub.  My dad wants me to get packing and several friends have graciously offered up boxes.  I'm procrastinating on my final papers and packing would be a seemingly productive way to accomplish this.  So what's stopping me? Well, swimsuits and winter coats only take so long to pack.  Scrabble and Pictionary?  Check!  And we're back to the shelves.

When Jess mentioned that she can't check the publisher of most of her favorite books because they're in storage, I gasped!  Not only for her, but for me, because my stuff will be in storage for a while when I get to Texas as well.  What if I need to look up that funny line from the book I read three years ago?  Yes, I suppose that is what Google is for, but that's not the point.  I'm going to have to pack a special box with the books I can't be parted from that will not go into storage. 

However, my reluctance to pack them isn't even really about not being able to access my books.  They'll still be here, just in boxes.  The real problem is that my shelves will be empty.  I love looking at my books.  They are so pretty!  Some filed in upright and others laying sideways.  With the occasional tea pot, giant iron fleur-de-lis or wooden owl thrown in for interest.  I like that I can look over my TV right now and see Emma's maroon spine resting next to One Hundred Years of Solitude's green one.  (And yes, Katie, I fail at the Dewey Decimal System, but I do have my own system of organization.)  Empty white shelves will be so sad.  And so I procrastinate on my designated procrastination activity.  It's going to be a fantastic three weeks.  


Andrea S said...

You are a librarian's dream!

That Girl Designs said...

So much excitement for you right now. Enjoy these last three weeks. And, welcome back to Texas.

Who is Jess? said...

It is very hard to pack up the books. I miss my books too. I have even had to GASP purge my collection in the past few years. I have an English degree. This is like cutting off a limb. I wish I had my Audrey Hepburn books or some of my books about Italy right now. I could use an escape.

Good luck with that whole packing/storage/moving thing. Ick! While we miss our books, we can check out this Flickr group and stare at everyone else's lovely books.


Jess said...

Boy that will teach me to get creative with my Profile section title! LOL.

I am Jess, I know who I am.

Caitlin said...

Andrea-Heehee! Thanks :) Sometimes I think I was meant to be a librarian. Still time, I suppose!

That Girl-Thanks!! I am so excited to be coming back!! What are your favorite places in Austin? Anything I should check out right away??

Jess?-Hahaha!! That is hilarious! I saw that, and was a little confused! Ooh! Thanks for the flickr tip. I will definitely have to check that out! I'm discovering new joys (and sources of procrastination) on flickr everyday!